The distant marked location on the globe where the story of every restless adventurer ends. Deeply touched by the charming beauty of mountains a travel diary to this remote village of Kinnaur district is worth writing. Chitkul village has quite a lot more to offer than beyond its breathtaking peaks and mesmerizing serene Baspa river.

There is no doubt in the fact that the Indian subcontinent is one magical country having many untold tales when weighed against that of its neighbors. For centuries as of the now diverse type of cultures along with traditions have been surviving side by side in its very own soil. Indians who haven’t got a chance to cross the country boundaries yet! For you: one thing is lucidly real clear that there is no other country as diverse and peculiarly interesting as that of India. The father of the nation Gandhiji once even highlighted that the ‘soul of the country lies in that of its villages’. Luckily India is still a country with having abundance number of villages, lying behind untouched by growing urbanization and other such modern facilities.

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One such village is the Chitkul village located in Himachal Pradesh. Let us take you for a virtual tour of this interesting village the facts of which are still unknown to the majority of the Indian population. Let’s take a glimpse of this specific village beauty of India.

Offbeat location of Himachal Pradesh the place has a soothing, calming, and peaceful atmosphere. The home of the Mathi goddess, the rich culture of Chitkul, and the legend lying behind this place of worship are genuinely fascinating which makes this place a must-visit spot. Chitkul is also known as the last inhabited location of the country which provides a seal packed package of thrill from a first-time traveler to a full-time adventurer.

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The village of the indo-china border Chitkul takes pride in being surrounded by the gorgeous views of worthy snow-clad mountains making it the major pathway to picturesque landscape and awestruck beauty. The unspoiled environment of the place boasts about each including Meadows, jungles, orchids, rivers, and of course mountains. Known as the model village of the region the small nature full place has few more tales to delight you. Few of which include:

The mixture of Buddhism, animism, and Hinduism: these religions do not just co-exist in Kinnaur but they rather cross each other instead. These religions indeed worked their head and toe together to uplift the power of the king of Bushahr in Kinnaur. Surprisingly both Hindus and Buddhists have their own believes for supporting the power of the king. Curious to know the tale behind! Book a Kinnaur tour package from Kolkata instead.

The deities of the region are considered extremely important because the king is believed to have never traveled to the remote areas of the region. So he instead sent his deities along with 100 other people to uplift the morals of oneness amongst the people of the land.

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Local personal deities of every district including Chitkul. Every single peculiar village in Kinnaur has its deity, where Chitkul takes pride in being the home of Mathi Devi. Having three separate temples fully dedicated to this deity. Nevertheless, there are a few more reasons to book a Chitkul holiday package.

One such typical reason being is that the local people of Chitkul, who have no such mongoloid features and are often referred to as the ethnicity of the Khamba tribe found in eastern Tibet! However, to date, their origin is still considered a mystery by various researchers.

Doorway to stunning winsome beauty, a Chitkul tour package can be a life-changing experience that will provide you with a chance to unfold the realms of divine nature. Witnessing the rawness of its gracious wildlife is a next-level experience as the Chitkul village is settled at a height of around 3,450 meters above the sea level. With the pure water of the Baspa river on one end and the calming yet cheerful apple orchids on the other side. Chitkul is a mystical combination of serenity, transparency, and divinity.

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