Genuine and real travel agencies have an advantageous edge over almost every other typical seller of tourism packages. As they exactly understand what you want at what time, they understand the basic languages like Hindi, English, and (especially Bengali, since the region is situated in Bengal), quite often there are barriers in communication as Sundarbans being a renowned site welcomes travelers from across the world, therefore in such a scenario, it is quite crucial to check whether the tour agency’s staff understands the three basic languages or not. The agency must also be available for you throughout during the tour procedures in case you run into any sort of trouble.

Various individuals across the globe are of the opinion that ‘travel agents or agencies’ are totally an obsolete thing and soon after the decade of ‘new normal’ 2020 emerged up! Making them the most mandatory and crucial thing for your trip plannings. Why? Simply take up all your stress related to hygiene and safety standards so that you can look forward to a relaxed worthy tour without having the slightest signs of panicking.

Since the outbreak of the deadly virus, the tourism industry has been in shambles and only a few valid operators have been able to pick themselves up for serving the best to their valued guests. Planning a nearby Sundarban trip from Kolkata might be the easiest thing for the citizens of the city of joy but little do they know that there this trip to the tiger land can be only made worthy if they are capable of pick pointing the best tourism agency out of all the served options.

How would you select the best Travel agency for your nearest Sundarban tour? Well, this blog has all your answers: Read ahead ~

Always read Review before Book a Trip ~

First and foremost check the travel agent’s review on Google and trip advisor to get a better know-how about your chosen travel agents. Since the Sundarban tour package is offered by plenty of tourism companies it is always an ideal solution to gauge and weigh the number of reviews and not fall prey to only a few positive reviews. A cautions traveler inside you should always make it a point to figure out the difference between fake and real reviews. It is always advisable to check and go through the maximum number of reviews and then decide on your choice.

Check COVID – 19 Precautions before booking ~

Next, since it’s an era of adjusting and abiding by the ‘new normal’ a good tourist should always make sure to check what kind of precautions the agency is taking against Covid-19!

This crosscheck shouldn’t only be as a cautions tourist but also as a responsible citizen. The tourism agency should have taken pledges to be responsible citizens along with being responsible business owners and should sanitize their Sundarban tour boat twice, before the tourist’s board, and after their board for taking every minute step towards combatting the spread of Covid-19 alongside providing pocket sanitizers, face shield, and masks. That’s not all even after reaching the booked hotel, they should take their own hired staff to sanitize each room and it’s objects before their valued guests can step inside the room to enjoy a relaxing adventure in the UNESCO world heritage site. Constant checks of BP should be conducted on every guest and tour staff members to know about their health status at repeated intervals. All the same, they should only be taking guests in for their tour after the tourists provide a medically fit doctor’s certificate.

Is your agent Experience or not?

Furthermore, tourists should look at the tour agency’s history, by which we mean looking at the fact, how long have they been operating in the said field! Are they newbies or old game players? The travel agency should have a history of operating in Sundarbans. Clearly having knowledge about every single wave of the tiger land.

Is your trip really a Sundarban Jungle trip? Must check before booking!

Sundarban eco tourism cannot be fully complete without touring the depth forest area.

Hence, tourists pick choosing their tour agency should make sure that the travel agent takes steps for getting permission for touring inside the main forest region for at least a minimum period of two days.

As the largest mangrove forest on Earth needs its own time for admiration. There are plenty of tour operators who take permission just for a sake of a day. Most of the time is not enough! Being a nature lover? And not giving yourself the required time to explore the forest is close to committing a sin.

Fulfilling your every desire the agency should promise to take the permission of a minimum of two days for showcasing their valued guests the whole forest region and each of its parts minutely without saving on costs.

Are they provide an Experience Tour Guide or not?

No Forest tour can be fully ticked off without an experienced guide or tour manager explaining and briefing about the worldwide famous region. Hence your chosen agency should follow every procedure even if it takes making more payment in the tourist spot to choose the best amongst the available forest guide for you to learn about the different beauties the forest has to offer for its visitors.

Is Make sure you will not Suffer from your Safari boat?

Most important criteria!! Not to be compromised at any cost, what sort of boat the tour agency is offering? Sundarbans is a catchy tourist attraction, mainly due to the reason of the beautiful pathway it follows towards its gateway. The mesmerizing boat tour!! An enthusiastic traveler should always crosscheck it with his agency whether the boat tour they are providing to board towards the tiger land would enter the narrow creaks or not! Because if it doesn’t then mind you, your trip is spoiled already as you would miss on some of the very catchy views. Next, the traveler should also check with the agency what sort of washroom would be available on the boat? Since it would be a long journey and having a clean hygienic washroom on the boat is a must! The chosen tour agency must take crucial care in selecting such boats which would definitely enter the narrow creaks having catchy views along with having spacious Indian and Western-style washroom for each type of their guests.

Is your food will Hygenic?

Stepping out for a Sundarban trip after months of lockdown and not having quality and hygienic food would bring the entire wanderlust mood to a standstill. A hardcore tourist would always make it a point to check whether the food being offered on the trip is suiting the environment and place a variety of not! The agency should offer a typical Sundarban specialized menu cooked by a chef maintaining every single safety precaution of the new normal like wearing and changing gloves timely, wearing fresh aprons each day, along with sanitizing hands at regular intervals.

What Kind of Medical facility they will provide?

Make sure your Sundarban Tour Package will be Hustle free! Therefore, a tourist must always crosscheck with the agency if they are providing doctor facility or not. Sundarbans is situated in a remote area hardly has access to such advanced medical facilities in case of any arising urgency. The chosen agency must abide by the new normals completely. Promising to take their own personal doctor to each trip who would in turn be available for you in case of any arising emergency.

Is your Agent Govt registered? ISO Certified? Member of any Tourism Association?

Lastly, the tourist should again be a responsible citizen and check whether the Sundarban Tour company is a government registered or not, whether they are ISO certified or not, and whether they are attached to any association like ATSPB, TAAB ….. or not. As it takes a long time to create a memorable adventure and seconds to ruin it. Moreover, a careful traveler would always make sure that every single penny spent by him is utilized in the truest sense.

To sum up, a real wanderlust lover would never want to take even the slightest chance of creating doubt in his mind in regards to the tour.

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