A mountain using altitude, Kinnaur is one of the smallest districts of India well known for its Kailash peak lying near the Tibetan border. Considered as god’s district, this place has a menu full of varieties for its visitors. Great natural scenes backed by green pastures, valleys, rivers, tall peaks framing an exact treat for the eyes of every tourist opting for Himachal tourism. 

A Kinnaur tour has tremendous scope for adventure, leaving every tourist’s heart craving for more. The smell of wanderlust is real and once you decide to book Kinnaur Kalpa Sangla tour package from Kolkata it is bound to go next level. Let’s catch a glimpse of some of the most gorgeous destinations around Kinnaur.  

7 Best Places to Visit in Kinnaur, Tourist Places & Top Attractions ~

1. Kailash Mountain

Home of lord shiva, the sacred mount Kailash is a stunning range which tough has never been climbed upon yet has its charm to attract a huge number of pilgrims from every corner of the world for centuries. 

2. Baspa River

 There is no doubt that Himachal Pradesh is a pack of gorgeous mountain treks. Baspa river trek on the other ground stands out from all the odds. All about climbing shining rocks, walking amid lush valleys, and crisscrossing small mountain streams. But that’s not all this snow-fed river also grants its visitors highlights of the mighty Kinnaur Kailash peak alluring them to no end. 

Shimla Sarahan Sangla Chitkul Kalpa tour packages

3. Sangla Valley

Sangla has been marked as the most scenic valley in every Shimla Sarahan Sangla Chitkul Kalpa tour packages ever booked. A gem of a place with majestic views all around. The village has its peculiar Himachali touch backed by fragrance.

4. Kalpa

Waking up on a sunny chilly morning, the mountains of Kalpa are sure shot to make one feel belittled, the golden hues will take you back to soak in the beauty they take pride in offering.

5. Chitkul Village

settled in the laps of beautiful Kinnaur valley lies the wallpaper like beauty Chitkul. The flag bearer of surreal landscapes, no Himalayan tour can ever be completed without keeping Chitkul out of your checklist. Also solely known as the last inhabited Indo-Tibet border village. Chitkul is the ever picture-worthy village of the charming Baspa Valley. If wanderlust feels lies in your veins then assuredly a Chitkul trip will increase your exploring spirits to a new level. Lying 11,319 ft in altitude is triggering enough to make you curious about the paradise that lies ahead. Traveling to such offbeat not much-explored places like Chitkul renews your connection with mother nature. Showcasing slight views of Kailash and Kinnaur in its backdrop Chitkul takes pride in having unmatchable views from its peculiar spots on the banks of Baspa River.

6. Recong Peo

nestled at an altitude of 2670m from the sea level, this village offers panoramic sights of the Kinner Kailash mythical mountains. Home to abundant natural beauty. Recong Peo is that quite tucked village amid the hills having few of the must-visit temples granting all tourists the much needed inner peace.

7. Sarahan

Settled in the Sutlej valley at the altitude of 2165m above the level of the sea, this place is well known for its pine forests, peculiarly roofed houses, tiny streams, and the lush green deodar trees. Sarahan has its mythological history and is home to the particular peak where Lord Shiva meditated. Filled with oaks, these arrangements of the place grant a beautiful contrast to the eyes of the viewer against the clear snow-covered mountains.

Things to do Kinnaur Valley ~

Nevertheless, Kinnaur also offers tremendous scope for final actions and activities to energize your spirits from within. Few of the ever-challenging and exciting activities include: trekking on its crystal clear landscape, Rock climbing (only if the person is physically fit), Crossing the valleys in Sangla (though dangerous but if you are a risk-taker, you are bound to indulge yourself in this once in a lifetime opportunity, however, every security measures are taken at the spot to ensure the safety of guests)

Usually, summers are considered the best time to visit Kinnaur when the region welcomes tourists from all around. The temperature of the location falls as low as 8 to 30°C which in turn in preferred and loved by the tourists opting to explore the region.

The cuisine in Kinnaur has highly altered over the years after the ease in its accessibility. Mostly popular in Tibetan cuisine, few of the must-try dishes here are: Yak meat, Thukpa, Momos, and Tsampa.

As per the beliefs of the ancient mythology the locals of Kinnaur are called the Kinnaras. Meaning ‘halfway between humans and gods’. This fact further adds to the belief that Kinnaur is that land lying between earth and heaven. Marking it as worth the visit and a must place to have to energized soul on.

The land of fairy tales Kinnaur Tour is a perfect combination of climate, scenery, and topography. Hosting a few of the beautiful places of Himachal while sharing its borders with the Tibetan land. Kinnaur is one of the whimsical, relaxing places in India

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