Haridwar Tour Package 2020

Upcoming Date : 17th September   |  31st October, 2020

haridwar tour package

Haridwar rishikesh dehradun mussoorie tour from kolkata details

Have you any wish to enjoy a spiritual and cultural journey in your life? If yes then Haridwar Rishikesh Dehradun Mussoorie tour from Kolkata can be an ideal destination for you. The enchanting heritage charm and the soul soothing and peaceful ashrams are the main attractions of this tour. In one word you are going to have great satisfaction with our Haridwar tour Package as it is accompanied by Religious Haridwar tour, Unforgettable Rishikesh tour and mesmerizing Mussoorie tour. In your Haridwar Rishikesh Dehradun Mussoorie tour packages , we will offer you all the wonderful opportunities like temple hopping, trekking to dips, river rafting in wild waters and some wide range of activities so that you can keep yourself entertained for all the time.

Haridwar and Rishikesh are neighbors and these cities are recognised for many reasons in the world. If you are going to book Rishikesh Haridwar tour then you can also find many adventuring spots there along with yoga and meditation centers. These places are also famous for popular street foods like samosa, mithai and various snacks.

Being your favorite tour operator, we will provide you all the super facilities and conviniences with our Haridwar tour package. Our tour is accompanied by well trained drivers and comprehensive tour guides who can meet your satisfaction level easily. Here a list of places that you will visit with our Haridwar Rishikesh Dehradun Mussoorie tour from kolkata.

Mussoorie Tour Package Date 2020/ 2021 ~

September, 2021 : 15 - 24
October, 2021 : 08 - 17, 22 - 31
November, 2021 : 12 - 21
December, 2022 : 03 - 12, 24 - 02
January, 2022 : 21 - 30
February, 2022 : 09 - 18
March, 2022 : 04 - 13
April, 2022 : 06 -15

Haridwar tour Covers
Haridwar, Mussourie, Dehradun, Har ki Pouri ghat, Mansa hill and Chandni Hill, Rishikesh, Lakshman jhula, Tehra Manzil Temple, Ram Jhula, Sahasrat Dhara, Kempty falls.
Haridwar package Includes
  • Sealdah to Hasimara & Hasimara to Sealdah 2nd Class Sleeper Train Fare.
  • Side Seen By Non AC Car.
  • Non Ac Hotel. (Minimum Twin Sharing)
  • Breakfast, Dinner.
Haridwar trip Excludes
  • Train Meals.
  • All Lunch.
  • Personal expenditure.
  • Coolie Charge.
  • Still or Video Camera Charges.
  • Entry fees.
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Ganga Aarti

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River Rafting

Bhutan Heritage Walk

Heritage Walk

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Mussoorie tour package Details

Day 1

Journey from Kolkata
{ Activities - Travelling in Doon express or any suitable train from Howrah station }

On this day you will catch Doon express or any other suitable train from Howrah station. So make sure to pack all the essential things that you may need in your Haridwar, Mussourie and Rishikesh trip plan. When you will be on the train, don't miss to enjoy the surrounding beauty from the train window.

Day 2

Night stay at train -
{ Activities - Stay on train }

On this day you will stay at the train. Enjoy all the super facilities provided by Indian railway. You can also make your Haridwar, Mussourie and Rishikesh trip plan for enjoying there with your family. Take a fresh sleep on the train and make yourself prepared for the next Haridwar, Mussourie and Rishikesh tour package.

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Day 3

Haridwar arrival
{ Activities - Arrive at station, Transfer to hotel, Witness splendid Ganga Arati }

This is the starting of your Haridwar tour. In this beautiful day arrive at Haridwar and meet and greet our representative there. Reach at the hotel accommodated by us with our Haridwar Mussourie and Rishikesh tour package. Get freshen up at the hotel and get ready for spending a special evening in your life. Have some fascinating experiences by participating in Ganga Arati at Har ki Pouri ghat with our Haridwar tour package. You can also float here diyas. Here the shadow of floating diyas gets reflected in the water and such a marvelous beauty is really unforgettable.

Har ki Pouri is one of the most famous places to visit within Haridwar tour package. This place is dedicated to lord Shiva and famous for its eye soothing Ganga Arati. The world famous Ganga Arati is held in Brahmakund area of Har ki Pouri ghat and attracts millions of devotees from various parts of the world. Here the biggest fair of Hindu's named Kumbh and Ardh Kumbh is also arranged.

After enjoying such a scene, get back to the hotel and stay overnight there.

Day 4

Full day enjoy at Haridwar.
{ Activities - Visit Mansa hill and Chandni Hill, Enjoy shopping and street food }

Get up early in the morning. Have a delicious breakfast arranged by the hotel. Reach at Manasa hill and Chandni Hill with your Haridwar tour package. This is a walkable distance from Har ki Pouri ghat. Ropeway option is also available to reach at the top of the hill to visit the Temples. Here you can buy some puja items from the local shops. Don't miss to take prasad of devi mata from this place. Spend the evening at your own by seeing the marvellous beauty of this place.

Mansa hill or Mansa Devi temple is situated on Bilwa Parvat and Shivalik hills. You can say this is the most auspicious pilgrimage of Hindus and you will bs amazed to know that it attracts millions of devotees for visiting such a marvelous ancient temple.

The name 'Chandni' is derived from the name of goddess 'Chandni'. This Chandni temple is situated at the top of Neel Parvat of Uttarakhand. This is believed that the the idol of Chandni Devi was installed by great Hindi priest Adi Shankaracharya. This place is also considered as Siddh Peeth and here your all the desires may get fulfilled with the blessings of devi Chandni.

At night get back to the hotel and have a fresh nap there.

Day 5

Sightseeing at Rishikesh.
{ Activities - Enjoy at Lakshman Jhula and Ram Jhula, See Kankhal.}

Enjoy a plate of mouth watering breakfast from the hotel and get ready for full day sightseeing at Rishikesh. Follow our tour guide to enjoy the mesmerizing Risikesh tour. Lakshman jhula is an iron suspension bridge on River Ganga and it connects two villages named Tapovan and Jonk.

Lakshman jhula is a famous hanging bridge of Uttarakhand which is totally made up of iron and 450 feet in long. Lakshman jhula is situated at the height of 79 feet from the river. You will really appreciate this place with our Haridwar tour package. This is believed that the brother of Ram, Shree Lakshman crossed river Ganga through this bridge. The construction was completed during 1929 and plays the role of an adjoining bridge across the River Ganga.

Ram Jhula is another most popular tourist attraction of Risikesh. This bridge was constructed during the year of 1980. It connects Swarg Ashram on the Western Bank of River Ganga with Sivananda Ashram on eastern zone. Here the beauty of gushing Ganga river in full force which is surrounded by Himalayas really looks fantastic. Enjoy the cool breeze and never miss to click some photos of this enchanting natural beauty of this place.

Take a visit at Lakshman Temple, Tehra Manzil Temple and Famous Ram Jhula. Enjoy your lunch and get ready for afternoon enjoying with our Haridwar Rishikesh and Mussouri tour package. At the afternoon we will take you to Kankhal with our Rishikesh tour package which is an ancient colony and famous for Dakshadeva Temple and sacred Sati kind. Apart from this, here the awesome crafted haveli and estates are enough to impress you.

After a full day sightseeing at Rishikesh tour get back to the hotel and stay overnight there.
Day 6

Mussourie arrival.
{ Activities - Visit Sahasrat Dhara, Reach at Mussourie, Spend leisure time }

Start this day by taking a plate of sweet breakfast from the hotel. Breakfast is included with our Haridwar tour package price from Kolkata. Today we will take you for Mussourie tour via Dehradun. On this Journey to Mussourie, the enchanting natural beauty of Dehradun will make you decide to come over this place once in your life.

On this way visit Sahasrat Dhara with our Haridwar Rishikesh and Mussourie tour package which is a small stream of cold water flowing over the hills. Literally Sahashrat dhara means thousands fold spring. This falls is also famous for its therapeutic value as it contains sulphur. You can visit this place any time of the year but the beauty of this place during the rainy season adds extra charm in the nature. Don't miss to make your enjoyment double by taking a ropeway ride there with our Mussourie tour package. This place is quite simple but the natural beauty is really impressive.

Spend some quality time with your loved one at the evening with our Mussourie honeymoon package and admire the natural beauty of this picturesque town with our Haridwar Rishikesh and Mussourie tour package. At night get back to Mussouri hotel and stay overnight there.

Day 7

Leisure day at Mussourie.
{ Activities - Shopping, Eating, Enjoying }

Enjoy a plate of healthy and tasty breakfast from the hotel with our Haridwar tour package. You can spend this day as per your wish. Try to go for the nearby market for buying Mussourie special items. You will also find some fantastic street foods in the local market. So get ready to make your day special with Mussourie tour. Stay overnight at the hotel.

Day 8

Sightseeing at Mussourie.
{ Activities - Enjoy at Kempty falls, Arrive Dehradun, Catch Doon Express }

Hope you have enjoyed our Haridwar Rishikesh Dehradun Mussoorie tour packages. This is the last day of your Haridwar tour. On this day we will take you to show Kempty Falls. The mesmerizing natural beauty of this place and the sound of sizzling waterfalls attracts millions of people from all over the world to enjoy the Mussourie tour.

This is another popular spot in Mussourie. If you want to have a group tour or family tour or Mussoorie honeymoon package in Mussourie then nothing can be better than this place. It was developed 150 years ago by a British man and you can say this is a perfect day out spot near Mussourie.

After visiting Kempty falls arrive Dehradun and catch Doon Express for reaching your destination.

Day 9

Might stay at train.
{ Activities - A sweet train journey }

Now feel relaxed after this long but unforgettable journey with our Haridwar tour package. Remind about the best memories of your Haridwar Rishikesh and Mussourie tour package or you can scroll the latest photos that you have clicked during your tour.

Day 10

Kolkata arrival.
{ Activities - End of the journey }

After a full night stay at Doon express arrive Kolkata in the morning and reach at your sweet home after spending some great holidays with our Haridwar tour package. So make your next planning for spending further holidays with us.

These are the places that we will show you with our Rishikes haridwar tour. For further clarification visit our Haridwar tourism office in Kolkata. You can also search for Haridwar Rishikesh Dehradun Mussourie tour package with price in our website.

Best time to visit Haridwar-Risikesh-Mussouri People prefer to have their family tour package for Haridwar from September to, March. This time here the weather remains not too hot or not too cold which is ideal for sightseeing and activities. During July and August a festival is held there named Savan is really impressive and enjoyable. If you have decided to enjoy Haridwar Rishikesh and Mussourie local sightseeing then contact us or visit our website.

These are all about your next family vacation. Such a mesmerizing Haridwar tour in your life is really a great experience. So, without further hesitation grab our Haridwar tour package and surprise your family or spouse with some of the best of bestest moments of their lives.

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