Madhya Pradesh Package Tour

Upcoming Date : 14th September   |  1st October, 2021

madhya pradesh package tour

Madhya Pradesh Tour Package from Kolkata

Do you know where the India beat it's rythm divine or where the tiger roar can be heard along with the sound of thirsty deer or where the history unfold its divine culture, tradition and customs and where the culture shows its magnificence - yes, this is the heart of India called Madhya Pradesh.

Little bit excited now for an excellent Madhya Pradesh package tour? It's absolutely normal. Not only you, most of the people in our world get goosebumps when they hear about incredible Madhya Pradesh trip.

Surrounded with the rich cultural heritage, exotic wildlife and marvellous natural beauty , Madhya Pradesh has been attracting people since its foundation. Our Madhya Pradesh trip is absolutely designed to give you the original charm of travelling in India's such a glorious state. Not only limited to the aforementioned if you book any of our Madhya Pradesh tour package from Kolkata, but we also promise to take away all your burden from thereafter.

Your journey to the second-largest Indian state would cover all key touristy spots as our Madhya Pradesh tour itinerary is all set to just be served.

If you searching for an unforgettable journey to Madhya Pradesh, then book our MP tour packages and enjoy all the convinences, comfort from us. This holiday embark yourself in the natural excellence and history famous state of Madhya Pradesh with our Madhya Pradesh tour plan.

Remember, such a beautiful tour needs a good and knowledgeable tour guide and our toor guide will be a real surprise for you. So don't wait anymore, may be you are missing the best time to enjoy the breathtaking view and charming activities from our Madhya Pradesh tour package from Kolkata. Since we take pride in playing one of the most major parts in boosting Madhya Pradesh tourism from Kolkata, we are sure to make the adventure of yours a memorable one. A Madhya Pradesh trip worth cherishing for a lifetime.

Madhya Pradesh Tourism Packages Date 2020/ 2021~

September, 2020 : 14 - 30   |   October, 2020 : 1 - 17   |   November, 2020 : 02 - 18   |   December, 2020 : 23 - 08   |   January, 2021 : 09 - 25   |   February, 2020 : 05 - 21   |   March, 2020 : 01 - 17   |   April, 2020 : 02 - 18

MP Tourism Packages ~
Satna, Khajuraho, Khajuraho Temple, Bandhabgarh National Park, Amarkantak, karna Mandir Thimpu, Trimukhi Temple, Shri Sarvodaya Digambar Jain temples, Sonakshii Shaktipeeth temple, Jabalpur, Marble rocks, Panchmarhi, Bhopal, Sanchi stupa, Mahakaleshwar temple, Ujjaini, Mandu Fort, Omkareshwar temple darshan.
Madhya Pradesh Tourism Packages Includes ~
  • Sealdah to Hasimara & Hasimara to Sealdah 2nd Class Sleeper Train Fare.
  • Side Seen By Non AC Car.
  • Non Ac Hotel. (Minimum Twin Sharing)
  • Breakfast, Dinner.
Madhya Pradesh Tourism Packages Excludes ~
  • Train Meals.
  • All Lunch.
  • Personal expenditure.
  • Coolie Charge.
  • Still or Video Camera Charges.
  • Entry fees.
Madhya Pradesh Package Tour Activities ~
bandhabgarh jeep safari

Bandhavgarh Safari

Rafting in Bhtan

River Rafting

Bhutan Heritage Walk

Heritage Walk

bhutan package tour


Madhya Pradesh Tour Itinerary ~

Day 1

} Journey from Kolkata ~

This is the first day of your Madhya Pradesh tour package from Kolkata tour with us. Today you will catch Mumbai mail at 9:55 pm from Howrah station. You can collect our Madhya Pradesh tour plan from the official website of us. Mumbai mail will take you to Satna. Just make a planning about what to buy and how to enjoy at Madhya Pradesh sitting in the window side of your train. Have a fresh nap at night and get ready for one of the best tours in your life. .

Day 2

} Arrival at Khajuraho ~
Reach Satna, Night stay at Khajuraho.

After a full day exposure to Mumbai mail, reach to Satna at 2:50 pm. Enjoy the amazing taste of tea from Satna along with some snacks. From Satna, take a bus and reach at the Khajuraho in the evening. We will take you to the best hotel accommodated by us at Khajuraho with our MP tour packages. Night stay there. Do you know what is special in Khajuraho? Yes, there is something special in the atmosphere of Khajuraho. Let's follow the below paragraph.

Khajuraho is a simple and small town which belongs to Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh. If you are seeking any religious tour in India then one night in Khajuraho trip is perfect for you. It has numbers of Hindu and Jain temples that attracts people from various sides of the world. The marvellous rock carvings of these temples have made it as the UNESCO World Heritage site. The spectacular mountains of Vindhya Range at Khajuraho deserve a visit for any mountain lover with an exciting Khajuraho tour packages.

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Day 3

} Excursion at Khajuraho ~
Khajuraho Temple, Night stay at Khajuraho.

Get up early in the morning during your Madhya Pradesh tour package from Kolkata and have breakfast from the hotel arranged by us. Get prepared for a full day excursion through the most vibrant cultural assets of the incredible India Khajuraho group of monuments and temples in Khajuraho trip. It was built between 950-1050 CE by the famous Chandela Dynasty. You can see here the amazing collection of 85 temples that took around hundred years for taking into shape of this temples. The Khajuraho temple complex is divided into three parts and these are Western, Eastern and Southern.

The majority of temples come from the Western group. Most of the Jain temples are from Eastern comprises and the Southern group comes with only a few temples. Some of the temples are dedicated to Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesha, Surya and three of them are for Jain Teerthankars. Don't forget to buy puja items and cute stone carved idols from the local people when Travelling with our Khajuraho tour packages.

Day 4

} Travelling in Bandhabgarh ~
reach Bandhabgarh, Night stay at Bandhabgarh AC Hotel.

Have a lip smacking packed breakfast from the hotel and then proceed for forth day Madhya Pradesh package tour with us. We will take you through the most scenic route of Madhya Pradesh. Bandhabgarh is famous for its National Park and it's magnificent architecture. We will drop you at Bandhabgarh hotel by afternoon. After that you can roam about this place at your own. Collect some handicrafts items from the local people and enjoy here delicious street foods. At night get into the air conditioned hotel arranged by us and stay there overnight.

Day 5

} Bandhabgarh excursion ~
Enjoy at Bandhabgarh forest, Night stay at Amarkantak.

Get ready within time given by us. Receive packed breakfast from the hotel and keep it with you and follow us for the journey to Bandhabgarh forest. It will be an optional tour and you can enjoy it at your own.

Enter to the most mythological and legendary significant place of India- Bandhabgarh National Park. Bandhabgarh is mainly famous for this national park. Amaze yourself by seeing hundreds of man made caves and beautiful rock paintings with our Madhya Pradesh package tour. Being the land of tigers, this place houses Royal Bengal tiger, big cats and other awe inspiring animals. Get back to the hotel at Bandhabgarh and have lunch from there.

From Bandhabgarh National Park, we will take you to Amarkantak which is situated at the high altitude of around 1000m. This is one of the main religious places of Hindu and popularly known as 'Teerthraj' or the king of pilgrimages. You can see here three Rivers named the holy Narmada, the Son and the Kohila to be emerged here. Enjoy the enchanting surrounding of Amarkantak which is full of various medicinal plants and decide to click some of the most memorable pictures here with our Madhya Pradesh package tour. Take tasty pure veg lunch from there and at night back to Bandhabgarh hotel and stay overnight there.

Day 6

} Amarkantak ~
Local sightseeing, Night stat at Amarkantak.

Take your breakfast from the Amarkantak hotel and get ready for full day excursion in Amarkantak. Amarkantak is not the only famous for its thrilling religious history but also this is the place of amalgamation. Witness the source of Narmada river from Narmada Kunj which consists of 16 stone carved temples. Kapil Dhara is another attraction of Amarkantak and this name is taken from muni Kapil who used to have medication from here.

If you want to enjoy religious places then never miss a visit to Trimukhi Temple with our Amarkantak tour package. Trimukhi Temple is situated at the top of Amarkantak hill and known as 'karna Mandir's. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva- the destroyer of the universe.

Another great places of Madhyapradesh that you should visit with our Amarkantak tour package is Shri Sarvodaya Digambar Jain temples. This place is very near to Narmada Kund and still this is under construction. The amazing beauty of its surrounding will make you impressed anytime.

Sonakshii Shaktipeeth temple is another ideal location for the religious peoples. This temple is dedicated to the honour of Devi Sonakshi. It receives a huge crowd during Navaratri. Enjoy the marvellous view in the surrounding of this temple and witness Arati of devi mata puja at the evening with your Madhya Pradesh package tour.

Enjoy this whole day by travelling in Amarkantak with our Amarkantak tour package. Take their veg dishes and collect all the puja items from the local people. Get back to the hotel at night and stay overnight there.

Day 7

} Arrival at Jabalpur ~
Jabalpur journey, Night stay at Jabalpur AC hotel.

Get up early in the morning and see the most fragrant and delicious tea is waiting for you. Take your tea and start your journey jabalpur tourism packages which is the place of glittering marble rocks. It has major tourist attractions that impress people from various parts of the world. The splendid ghats, 98 foot high dhuandhar waterfall and other magnificent historical structures. Reach at Jabalpur and check into the hotel. Stay overnight in the hotel at Jabalpur.

Day 8

} Full day excursion at Jabalpur. ~
Marble rock sightseeing, Overnight stay at Jabalpur AC Hotel..

Situated around 25 Km away from main city Jabalpur, the famous Bhedaghat marble rock is the perfect amalgamation for the tourists. The awesome sight of reflected sunlight on marble rocks really deserves a visit from you. Soothe your eyes by seeing various colours created by the reflection of different lights on the marble rock with our jabalpur tourism packages. Get back to the hotel and stay overnight there.

Day 9

} Journey to Panchmarhi ~
Arrival at Panchmarhi, Night stay at Panchmarhi.

At morning take your breakfast in the hotel and set out for the journey for MP tourism pachmarhi. You can say this place is just like one piece of ice in the meadow of mesmerizing sunlight. Meet the old, ancient and most beautiful and gorgeous 'Satpurah ki Rani' in your Panchmarhi trip and mesmerize your holidays for lifetime. Get into the hotel arranged by us and stay there Overnight with our Pachmarhi tour package.

Day 10

} Sightseeing at Panchmari ~
Panchmari Sightseeing, Night stay at Panchmari.

At morning have breakfast from the hotel during your Madhya Pradesh tour and make your journey to Panchmarhi. This is the only one hill station in Madhyapradesh. Panchmarhi is situated at the height of 1,067 meter from the sea level.

Today we will give you a marvelous Pachmarhi tour through the Panchmarhi city. Witness the marvellous sight of Bee falls which is the source of drinking water for the whole city Panchmari. If you are visiting Madhya Pradesh tour with a group, then this is a must visit place for you.

We all know about the bravest five boys in Mahabharata who are known as Pandava. Pandava case is one of the most oldest and ancient places of Madhyapradesh which is believed to be the shelter of Pandavas during the axile. We will take you to this ancient place with our Madhya Pradesh package tour.

Dhoopgarh hilltop is the highest point of famous Satrupa range that you will visit with your Pachmarhi trip. This is the perfect place to see sunrise and sunset. Make some quality time with your spouse in this lonely place of Madhyapradesh with our MP tourism packages.

Meet the fantastic cascades in Panchmarhi which is also known as Duchess fall with our Pachmarhi tour package. This fantastic waterfall is divided into three more falls and the traveller needs to walk at least 4 km to witness the base of it.

Except for the above mentioned, there are some more places that you can visit with our MP tourism packages such as Jata Shankar caves, Handi koh, Mahadewo hills and etc.

Day 11

} Journey towards Bhopal ~
Breakfast, Night stay at Bhopal AC hotel.

At morning have breakfast from Panchmari hotel and complete your check out formalities from this hotel. Now follow us to the capital of Madhyapradesh - Bhopal. Give your taste bud a sweet touch of famous Bhopal street foods in your Bhopal tour. Do shopping of Madhya Pradesh famous handcrafts from the super facility shopping mall and street shops of Bhopal. Witness the old and ancient exquisite havelis that tell the story of Historical Bhopal and round your eyes by seeing the most beautiful places to visit in Bhopal.

Day 12

} Sightseeing at Bhopal ~
Sanchi stupa travelling, Night stay at Bhopal AC hotel..

Since we wanted you to see almost all the tourist places near Bhopal, the entire day would be dedicated to it. This magnificent Bhopal city show case the majestic mosques which expose the classic Mughal architecture. Enjoy its breathtaking views of beautiful havelis and give your family an opportunity to taste the exquisite Mughal foods during your Bhopal tour.

Today take your breakfast in Bhopal hotel and get ready for a full day adventerous journey at Bhopal. Enter to the land of majestic and historical heritages of Bhopal named Sanchi Stupa. Almost every people within us has read about Sanchi Stupa in the history of ancient India. This is a famous quaint Buddhist complex and famous for having most magnificent historical structures. At night get back to the hotel and stay overnight there with our Madhya Pradesh package tour.

Day 13

} Journey towards Indore ~
Mahakaleshwar temple, Ujjaini, Night stay Indore AC hotel.

At morning have breakfast from the hotel and check out from there. Today we will take you to another most beautiful cities of Madhyapradesh named Indore. On the way of Indore trip, visit Mahakaleshwar temple which is known as one of the most sacred piligrimages of Hindus. This temple is dedicated to lord Shiva who is the creator and destroyer of universe. See the magnificent beauty of the surrounding places of Shipra river which is just beside to this Jyotirlinga.

Travel throughout the day in the old and ancient city Ujjain and reach to Indore at night with our MP tourism packages. Get into the hotel at Indore accommodated by us and stay overnight there.

Day 14

} Excursion at Indore ~
Mandu Fort, Night stay at Indore AC Hotel.

Take breakfast from the hotel of Indore and set your journey to Mandu - the place that always tells the story of Raj Bahadur and Rani Rupmati. The beautiful and most interesting love story of this couple gives us goosebumps till that day. Enjoy the fascinating scenery of marvelous structures, monuments, palaces, there and click some unforgettable memories from your Indore trip. At night get back to the hotel and stay overnight there with our Madhya Pradesh tourism packages.

Day 15

} Journey through Indore ~
Omkareshwar temple darshan, Night stay at Train.

Get up early in the morning and get ready to see the surrounding places of your hotel at your own. After that get back to the hotel and get prepared for sightseeing with Indore tour. Have darshan of Shiva Jyotirlinga Omkareshwar and get blessings from there. Spend some time in the temple complex and enjoy maha prasad from there. At late evening take dinner from us during your Indore tour and board Shipra Exp at 11:30 pm. Stay that night in the train.

Day 16

} Stay at train ~
Full day and night through train journey.

What you are thinking now? This is the end of our journey? May be this is the end of our Madhya Pradesh tourism packages but this is the start of our next journey. You just need to wait for somedays to backpack for your next tour with us. Whenever you will think about traveling, remind us. Yes, we are your lifetime partner for travelling. This day stay in the train and remember about our unforgettable journey.

Day 17

} Howrah arrival ~
Return to your sweet home.

Today you will arrive at Howrah at 6:50 am. Hence marking an end to your Madhya Pradesh tourism from Kolkata. Meet your relatives in the station and follow him/her to your sweet home. Next time don't forget to remember us while you are thinking about traveling.

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