Kerala Package Tour

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kerala package tour

Kerala Tour Package from Kolkata

Kerala- God's own country where the morning starts with all the charm and mist and magic of nature. Kerala package tour - an inevitable journey that allows seeingthe backwaters that spread it's captivating and alluring silence in the air of noon. The 'spice capital of India' - here the evening wishes the tourists adieu with its enchanting melodies that you can enjoy with our Kerala package tour. If you want to fill your travelogue with a wanderlust charm and fascinating experience, then come to Kerala and follow us in this splendid journey of your life.

Our Kerala tour package from Kolkata is customized in such a way so that you can enjoy all the thrill of this majestic place of India. With our Kerala tour package from Kolkata, we will show you all the temples, backwaters and lakes of this heavenly place. Kerala is already selected as one of the thirteen paradises of the world. Serene beaches, the stretch of tranquil backwaters, adventurous wildlife, lush greenery, and most pleasant weather are the main attractions of Kerala - and these are enough to make your kerala package tour great.

Kerala also describes itself as one of the best honeymoon places with the best Kerala tour packages for couple. Once you set your plan for Kerala honeymoon packages with us, start imagining about the inconsequential things and a romantic time to spend with your spouse. The unforgettable experience about Kerala houseboat tour packages will no doubt make your honeymoon as the best. In our Kerala Package Tour, make your next holidays special by hanging out on the Kovalam beach. In Kovalam beach, the sands get reflected with alluring and gold sunrays, and the tour starts with the sound of wildlife, and it gets inspired by clicking some extraordinary photos on the extended flower land. At the end of the day, that presents a luxury houseboat trip in our Kerala honeymoon packages where the mind and body get flooded with some rejuvenating memories. Without any hesitation, start your new life with affordable Kerala honeymoon packages.

Kerala Honeymoon Packages Date 2020/ 2021

September, 2021 : 28 - 10
October, 2021 : 09 - 21, 23 - 04
November, 2021 : 09 - 21
December, 2021 : 14 - 26, 25 - 06
January, 2022 : 14 - 26
February, 2022 : 08 - 20
March, 2022 : 01 - 03
April, 2022 : 06 -15

Kerala tour packages with price

18,900/- } Without Houseboat    |   21,900/- } 1 night stay Houseboat Includes   |    14,900/- } Below 8 Years    |      Below 4 years free

Kerala Packages Covers

Kanyakumari, Sunset Point, Kanyakumari temple, Shiva Temple, VattaKottai Fort, Shai Baba temple, See Suchindaram temple, wax museum, Bharatmata temple, Vivekananda Rock memorial, Trivandram, Kovalam beach, Ananthankadu Nagaraja temple, Wooden palace, Poovar backwater, Padmanabhan temple, Alleppey cruise, Houseboat optional, Elachi garden, Kumali, Periyar lake, Munnar, Mattupetty dam, Rajamally National Park, Flower garden, Eco point, Ernakulam waterfalls, viewpoint, Tea garden, Ernakulam, Mattancherry.

Kerala Kanyakumari Tour Includes

  • Sealdah to Hasimara & Hasimara to Sealdah 2nd Class Sleeper Train Fare.
  • Side Seen By Non AC Car.
  • Non Ac Hotel. (Minimum Twin Sharing)
  • Breakfast, Dinner.

Kerala Backwaters Tour Excludes

  • Train Meals.
  • All Lunch.
  • Personal expenditure.
  • Coolie Charge.
  • Still or Video Camera Charges.
  • Entry fees.
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kerala tour package from kolkata

Cruise the Backwaters

Rafting in Bhtan

Ayurvedic Spa

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Kathakali Performance

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Chill at the Beach

Kerala Tour Package from Kolkata
Day 1

Journey to Kerala ~
{ Catch Kanyakumari express, Start the journey }

Welcome to our Kerala packages. Today all of your dreams about visiting Kerala will come to be successful. Reach at Howrah by the given time and board Kanyakumari expresses at 4:00 pm. Have you brought all the things that you planned about to take in your Kerala Package Tour? Anything missing there? Don't worry. God's own country has all the things that you may need in your Kerala trip plan. You can take rest without any tension.

Day 2

Journey in train ~
{ Stay on the train }

Just one day to reach your dream destination - today, you will be on the train.Remember: meals aren’t included during the train journey in our Kerala packages, so you opt for homemade or railway food. Except for that, Kanyakumari express will take you to Chennai with its most scenic route. Enjoy everything and have a very safe journey with our Kerala Package Tour towards your destination.

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Day 3

Kanyakumari arrival ~
{ Reach Kanyakumari, visit sunset point, Go for Kanyakumari temple }

Set your foot in the land of this majestic world with Kerala tour packages for couple. Explore the eye-soothing beauty around the Kanyakumari rail station and take a fresh breath in the air. Follow our Kerala Package Tour guide to the way of Kanyakumari hotel - check-in there and complete all the formalities quickly.

In the evening, visit the exotic sunset point of Kanyakumari. Amaze your eyes by seeing the unparalleled view of the sunset amidst the bright sky of Kanyakumariright in front of you.Feel the crystal clear blue waterof the sea in our Kanyakumari tour. This place is the part of three ocean bodies named the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean, and the Arabian sea. This place is also known as TriveniSangam that you will visit with our Kerala tour package from Kolkata.

From sunset point, go for the Kanyakumari temple. Kanyakumari temple is dedicated to goddess Kanyakumari Devi. It is one of the main highlighted places to visit in Kanyakumari. Gain some rejuvenating experiences by standing alone on the seashore and worshiping the goddess Kanyakumari Devi in your Kerala tour third day. Buy puja items from the local shops and soothe your eyes by enjoying the breathtaking surrounding view. At night, get back to the hotel and stay overnight there with our Kerala Package Tour.

Day 4

Sightseeing at Kanyakumari ~
{ Enjoy at Shiva Temple, Visit VattaKottai Fort, Worship at Shai Baba temple, See Suchindaram temple, See the wax museum, take a majestic view of Bharatmata temple, and take a glimpse of history at Vivekananda Rock memorial. }

In the morning, take your breakfast from the hotel (included in our Kerala tour package from Kolkata) and prepare for a full day excursion.

Shiva Temple of Kanyakumari is one of the oldest shrines which is dedicated to Lord Shiva that is the main attraction of the Kanyakumari tour. The religious culture and slokas chanting of this place will make you spellbound. Collect prasad from the temple complex and buy some puja items from the local people with our Kerala tour package from Kolkata.

VattaKattai fort is the seashore fort, which is near to the Kanyakumari. You will be amazed to see that this VattaKattai fort is made of Granite Rock, and apart from this, it is extended to the sea. The rustic beauty of this spot has made it the most important place to visit in Kanyakumari with our cheapest Kerala tour packages.

ShirdiShai Baba temple is another mighty temple of Kanyakumari. Visit there in our Kerala packages and enjoy the breathtaking surrounding view there. Located in the Nagercoil, ShirdiShai Baba temple receives thousands of people every week for worshipping there.

Suchindaram temple or Thanumalayan temple is located in Suchindaram, which belongs to the district of Kanyakumari. This is one of these 108 Shiva temples revered by the Hindus. Go for this temple in our Kanyakumari tour and enjoy all the excellence of it to its fullest.

See another example of creativity at the Wax museum, Kanyakumari. Situated in the Kanyakumari region, it houses some of the important figures of Indian History. Some of the international historical figures are also structured here. Visit this place and appreciate the creativity to its fullest.

Bharatmata temple is one of the greatest attractions of Kanyakumari, and this is constructed of 15 crore areas of Vivekananda Kendra. If you have a Kerala Package Tour with us, then this is a must-visit place for you.

Day 5

Excursion at Trivandram ~
{ Enjoy at Kovalam beach, witness AnanthankaduNagaraja temple, See wooden palace, Activities in Poovar backwater, see Padmanabhan temple }

Take a pack of South Indian special breakfast and go for the way to Trivandram. On the way, you will visit Kovalam beach, one of the largest beaches in Kerala, which you will explore with our Kerala backwaters tour. Enjoy a full day hangout on the Kovalam beach and get ready to cover the next destination with ourcheapest Kerala tour packages with family.

AnanthankaduNagaraja temple is situated in the center of Trivandram. Here Shree Ananthan is worshipped as Nagaraja and considered as the place of origin of Shree Padmanabha temple.

Now meet the largest wooden palace of Asia dated back to the 16th century. It was the seat of Hindu rulers of Travancore. The interiors are made of rosewood and teak gives a magnificent view from outside and inside to the best Kerala tour packages travelers.

After this wooden palace, go for Poovar backwater and immerse yourself in the activities with our best Kerala tour packages. One of the main attractions of this small coastal fisherman village is the backwater river, lane, and Arabian sea has joined together. Don't miss to have a motor or country boat ride from this place with an exciting Kerala backwaters tour.

This embellished gold plate covered temple is dedicated to Lord Padmanabha, who was one of the avatars of Shree Vishnu. You will be amazed to know that this temple is mentioned in Bhagavad Geeta. So the devotees believe that it exists since the first day of Kali Yuga.

Get back to the hotel by 8 pm in our Kerala trip and take rest for the night at Trivandram hotel.

Day 6

Cruise in Alleppey backwater ~
{ Day houseboat in Alleppey cruise, night stay at houseboat optional }

Start the day of your Kerala boat house package with lip-smacking packed breakfast from the hotel at Trivandram and start for the journey to Alleppy. The winding waterways, lush green beauty of paddy field surrounded by palm trees, hold the most captivating and alluring silence to all the tourists in the Kerala boat house package. According to some people, the best way to explore Kerala is cruising through the backwater of Alleppey with Alleppey houseboat tour.

You can find a lot of things to do in Alleppey backwater tour. Here the captivating landscapes have imparted itself with the tranquil backwater, and the combination of it has made this place great for Kerala houseboat holidays. If you are a true nature of ver and want to behold these wanderlust memories in your mind forever, then you are welcome to our day trip houseboat Alleppey. Backwaters and houseboat in Kerala are almost like a soul sister. Without spending the Alleppey houseboat tour, you can never complete your vacation in Kerala. These houseboats in Kerala come with different types, and you can cook, stay, and enjoy the evening standing out the balcony of it in your Alleppey houseboat tour. Actually, as the best tour of Kerala, you deserve the best.

A typical Kerala boat house package takes four to five hours to explore its way. We will give you a day tour at Alleppey houseboat to explore the best natural beauty of Kerala by floating in the river. We will serve lunch with our Kerala houseboat tour packages. If you like to enjoy it for the night too, then you can take it at your own cost because night stay in the houseboat is not included with our Kerala houseboat tour packages. Otherwise, follow us to the way of the hotel. Remember, everything is special in our Alleppey backwater tour, so hotels are not an exception to it.

Day 7

Arrival at Kumali ~
Visit Elachi garden, Attend Kathakali dance show, Enjoy material arts show.

Get up early in the morning on your Kerala trip and have a plate of delicious breakfast from the hotel. This quaint town is basically famous for its plantation works, diverse wildlife, activities like boating, trekking, etc. Reach Kumali around 2:00 pm in your Kerala holiday packages.

Kathakali is known to be one of the oldest forms of arts, and it is originated from Kerala. Here the dancers take various roles, and the scripts of Kathakali form are based on the Hindu mythological story. Enjoy your evening by seeing Kathakali arts and martial arts appreciate Kerala holiday packages forever.

Day 8

Sightseeing at Kumali ~
{ Enjoy at Periyar lake, start for Munnar }

On the morning of your Kerala holiday, you will be offered special teas of Kumali - after that, follow us in the way of Periyarlake.

Periyarlake is famous for its gorgeous beauty, lush greenery, and wildlife and ideal for enjoying theKerala holiday. It houses some of the rarest animals, just like royal tigers, majestic elephants,and other reptiles. You can say this is a fantastic combination of wildness, adventure, and beauty. Don't miss to enlighten your time here by taking an amazing Kerala backwaters tour.

From Periyarlake, go to Munnar and enjoy the evening at your own cost, as it will not be included with our Kerala tour package from Kolkata. You can spend this evening doing shopping, eating or can also take an ayurvedic massage there.

Day 9

Excursion at Munnar ~
{ See Mattupetty dam, Click photos at Rajamally National Park, collect tea from the tea garden, Enjoy the flower garden, see the eco point. }

Get up early in the morning and start your Munnar honeymoon packages after having breakfast. The famous tea estates, craggy peaks, alluring waterfalls, and sizzling greenery - are all waiting to be explored by you in your Munnar trip. 'Kashmir of South India' Munnar defines itself as the most popular hill station of India. We have arranged everything so that you can enjoy your Munnar tour package in the way that you desired.

MattupettyDam is the strong gravity dam of Munnar, which is formed for power generation and water conservation, and we will show you this place in our Munnar trip. The green valleys and fantastic weather of this place make the Kerala Package Tour great.

Being one of the famous wildlife reserves in Kerala, it houses different kinds of flora and fauna. Some of the rarest animals like NilgiriLangur, atlas moths, small-clawed otter, lion-tailed macaque, etc. are the main attraction of this national park that you can enjoy with our Munnar packages. It houses a rare flower named Neelakurinji that blooms after every 12 years.

Actually, we don't have any perfect word to rephrase the enchanting tea garden in Munnar packages. It exports tea from this place all over the world. The amazing flavor and magical color of this special tea will remain in your Munnar honeymoon packages journey being unforgettable. The nearby flower garden is also awesome, which houses some of the rarest and most beautiful flowers. You can click some of the best photos from this incredible flower garden in Munnar packages.

The echo point in theKerala trip package is famous for having a natural echo phenomenon that occurs here for every sound. This place is situated in the confluence of three mountains named Mudraphiza, Kundala, and Nalathanni. Here the sounds that get resisted by these three mountains, and in return, it gets spread in the whole place. You can enjoy this place to its fullest with our exciting Munnar tour package.

After all of these activities, get back to the hotel, customized with our Munnar tour package. Stay overnight at Munnar hotel with our Munnar honeymoon packages.

Day 10

Journey to Ernakulam ~
See the waterfalls, enjoy the viewpoint, relish the original charm of tea garden.

On this day of your Kerala trip plan, you will explore another majestic place of Kerala. Have your favorite breakfast from the hotel, and after that, you can explore the local market on your own. Take an early lunch from the hotel and go for the journey to Ernakulam with our Kerala houseboat tour packages.

Once upon a time, a sack of black pepper seeds was considered as the worth of a man's life. For the previous time, Kerala merchandise was based on this spice plantation, and yes, today, you will explore the hub of spice plantation - Ernakulam with our Kerala trip package. You can see the spice plantation of Ernakulam attracted some of the most famous people like Vasco Da Gama and Pedro Alvarez if you leave your eye on history.

The magnificent viewpoint of Ernakulam offers a birds-eye view of the whole city from its peak, and this place is the best to capture some of your most memorable memories of your Kerala Package Tour. Spice gardens and tea garden is famous in this place. You can collect some of the rare spices from here, and there will be no doubt that it will be the assets in your kitchen in our Kerala houseboat tour packages. Buy a pack a special tea from here and make your guest appreciate your cooking skill again and again. Inthe evening, reach Ernakulam and spend the night in this most alluring place in the world with our Kerala trip plan.

Day 11

Sightseeing at Ernakulam ~
{ Mattancherry, Boating and fishing, board Alleppey express }

Today after breakfast from the hotel, we will give you another adventurous journey in Kerala in our Kerala tour package from Kolkata. Enjoy the fascinating local sightseeing there in Ernakulam, which is included with our Kerala trip plan. The Portuguese made Mattancherry is still famous for the tourists. You can enjoy fishinghere, which is the most popular activity in Ernakulam. Add extra chem in this day tour in Kerala by doing boating on your own. Do some shopping there from the local people and make your Kerala Package Tour most memorable. You can take your lunch on the way or in the hotel and then board Alleppey express for going to Chennai.

Day 12

Journey to Kolkata ~
{ Reach Chennai, board Coromondal express, and start the journey to Howrah. }

Reach the Chennai rail station in the morning. Remember your most memorable Kerala Package Tour with us. In the afternoon, board AlleppeyExpress to reach about Howrah. I know our affordable Kerala tour packages with price have amazed you by giving all the comforts and conveniences during your Kerala tour.

Day 13

Reach Howrah ~
{ stay on the train, reach Howrah }

All the memories after the amazing Kerala Package Tour arecompleted today. Don't worry - your Kerala trip has ended, this is right - but now we will present you with another exciting trip in India. Just keep an eye on our page to get notifications about your next Journey.

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