Assam a state having the capability of holding the utmost power to mesmerize and enchant its visitors by its enormous beauty. One of the largest amongst the seven sisters settled in northeastern India, Assam tourism is an absolute treat to human eyes, with the pure Brahmaputra river passing through the state, Assam tour packages are mainly popular owing to the state’s rich wildlife backed by its astonishing history.

One such history and the curious story is about the Kamakhya temple, which has roped and attracted tourists from across the country and even every other part of the world. If the traveler inside you craves for a strong spiritual rejuvenation connect, do not miss out on the Kamakhya temple tour. All the same, though every temple or other such places of worship has the capability of connecting and providing peace to its pilgrims. Kamakhya Mandir stands aside each of them. The story of this particular place of worship will increase your respect for holy stopovers even more.

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Let us brief you about some of the curious and not mostly talked about insights of this unique temple situated on the Nilachal hills present in Guwahati.

The main idol of the temple ‘kamakhya Devi’ is also referred to as the ‘bleeding goddess’ amongst the age-old believes it has been highlighted that the ‘garvagriha’ of the temple has its mythical womb and vagina of the mighty Hindu goddess named: Shakti. Interestingly every single year during June the Brahmaputra river near the temple turns red and as per the believes it is because the goddess menstruates during that particular period. Perhaps the only temple in India which leaves behind the typical mentality of shaming a woman and rather considers it as a women’s valued ability to conceive a child.

The temple further considers this ability as ‘shakti’ which is present within every single woman.

However, the tale of its origin dates back behind the ages of history during the era of God’s Shiva and Shakti. As per the tale highlights, it is marked that goddess Sati fought with her husband to take part in the grand yajna which was being offered by the goddess’s father to pacify and gratify God’s. Shakti overlooking her husband’s advice went ahead to the yajna and was insulted by her father. Things became worse when Sati’s father spoke and insulted her husband Shiva, which she was unable to take and took to step in the sacrificial fire of yajna.¬†Soon after hearing the incident, the anger of Lord Shiva knew no bounds, as he holding his wife’s burnt body, unwillingly and in haste performed the dance of destruction or ‘tandava’.

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To calm down the emerging and overgrowing anger of Lord Shiva it was Lord Vishnu who further used his chakra to cut down the body into pieces to calm down the furious and vexed Lord Shiva. Lastly, it is also believed that parts of Sati’s body fell across 108 different locations of the country. That is in the modern time known as ‘Shakti piths’.

Kamakhya mandir tour permits you to become a part of a countrywide celebration of womanhood. It educates each citizen about the progressive step worthy approach which the temple takes pride in displaying openly.

Opting for an Assam package tour from Kolkata will take you to this miraculous spot which is to date considered to be a point of various Aghoris and Tantriks. The activities taking place around the temple will not only give a major standstill to your senses but would also let you explore fascinating facts that have kept aloof from the real world even in the present time.

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