Several Sundarban tour operators offer exciting package tours to Sundarban National Park (West Bengal). A majority of these tour operators offer fixed itineraries, some of them arrange a tailor-made itinerary. They offer either day tours, overnight or multiple nights tours along with accommodations. For stay, you can either stay on land or stay on a boat. The pickup location and the drop locations are generally Kolkata or Canning. 

For pre-booking for boats, there are several Sundarban tour package operating from Kolkata. The availability of professional Sundarban tour operators or boatmen in Sundarban is plenty. All you have to do is to choose the right one according to your requirements. Sundarban tour 2 night 3 days are one of the most popular packages.

Many times tourists will hire cheaper agencies to save their hard earn money, as a result, many times tourists lose their valuable life to compromise with the cheaper boats. Before booking your Sundarban trip be sure that you are cruising through the well-Maintained boat, be sure the boat is overcrowded or not? food will be Hygenic or not? Govt guide is available or not? what is the safety measure for COVID?

If you want to plan a memorable Sundarban tour, then it is must essential to go with Best Travel Agency in Sundarban National Park. 

Best 3 Sundarban tour operators –

  1. Sundarban Wildlife Tourism ~

Sundarban Wildlife Tourism specializing in eco-friendly travel to natural areas in Sundarban National Park. This company has their personal Boat for river cruising.

If you are a nature lover, Wildlife enthusiast, Bird watcher, or Wildlife Photographer & want to explore the wild side of Sundarban then Sundarban Wildlife Tourism is the best choice for you. They are mainly known for Wildlife Expedition, besides Wildlife Photography tour they also arrange a general Sundarban tour, but the entry rule is – you must be passionate about nature.

Their package includes Kolkata to Sundarban transportation, accommodations, meals, boat cruises, assistance from a Govt Naturalist, National Park entrance fees, village tour, country boat ride in Birds jungle, and, Cultural folk program.

They also offer a special Sundarbn Tiger Safari INDIA tour for Wildlife Photographers. This organization is run by a group of wildlife enthusiasts whose love for wildlife can become a bonus for you. You will be enriched with adventure. This can be a plus point for the one whose ultimate focus is wildlife experience. Bookings can be made through the Sundarban Wildlife Tourism website

They are more suitable for adventurous wildlife tours, who want to nurture their daring soul and do not care much about luxury. They offered Sundarban tour 2 night 3 days , as well as Sundarban tour 1 night 2 days & day tours also. 

They offer flexible Sundarban packages; you can choose any of them as per your requirements. They offer a wide range of Sundarban tours starting from 3500  to 6000. 

The cost per person for two nights is Rs 4000. You will also have an option to spend one night on the boat. 

Sundarban Wildlife Tourism will enrich your soul with their adventurous trip. The mud walks through a dark mangrove forest can calm your soul. They make sure you have a good experience that is worth the money. 

So don’t wait much. Book your Sundarban tour package from Kolkata, and experience the dark mystery of nature with Sundarban Wildlife Tourism and experience the joy of nature. 

Sundarban Wildlife Tourism is a local travel agency, their office is in Sundarban & city office in Kolkata; they offer the best prices for booking without the interference of any middle man.  

As per Google, Facebbok & TripAdvisor rating Sundarban Wildlife Tourism is 5star Rating Sundarban tour Operators.

The facilities provided by these tour operators are incredible and breathtaking. So don’t waste much time just book your trip as fast as you can.

  2. West Bengal Tourism ~

Government-owned West Bengal Tourism offers Sundarban tour options for one-night and a two-night stay. They have a popular Sundarban tour package option for staying in boats.

They hold two large cruisers named- Sarbajaya (the best one) and Chitralekha. 

Their one-night tour package includes visits to Sudhanyakhali, Sajnekhali, and Dobanki watchtowers. The two-night package also includes a visit to the Jhingakhali watchtower.

However, remember one thing, boats cannot travel through the narrow waterways due to their huge size. Due to these narrow waterways, the wildlife view gets restricted. Besides this, they tour with 50 members on average. You may have to pay Rs 6500 per person for two nights. 

If you are ready to spend lazy time in the lap of nature and compromise for Wildlife Sighting, then this is one of the best options for you. 

  3. Travel Chhuti Chhuti ~

Travel Chhuti Chhuti is a renowned name for its uncompromised continuous best service in Sundarban National Park.

They offer a budget-friendly Sundarban tour package from Kolkata. Their main priority is to maintaining quality, tourist satisfaction is their ultimate motive.

With more than 3000+ Sundarban tour experiences, they already serve 10,000+ guests from all over the world. Their tour managers are a minimum of 4 years of experience in Sundarban National Park. Good cooperation and friendly attitude, they have a good review, around 4.8 rated in google, trip advisor, and Facebook, by their guests. They are only one ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Company, which is operating Sundarban tour Package from Kolkata.  

They offered a neat and clean Sundarban hotel or Sundarban resort to their guests in Pakhiralay or Dayapur island. However, don’t expect too many luxuries or resort-style facilities. There are options for upgrading the package as per your need.

The company also conducts boat tours in their private boat since 2014. Name as “La Fiesta” this is one of the best non-Ac boats in the area. The boat has 4 Cabins available in it. One western toilet and the other Indian.  

The Boat Has 4 Cabins. One Western Toilet & another Indian. They have also three tents on Upper Deck, 12 guests can accommodate them. The love they have received from their guests has been their great strength since 2011. 

Since 2010 Travel Chhuti Chhuti doing an excellent job of promoting Sundarban National Park all over the World. Last 5/6 years they were able to change the scenario of Sundarban Tourism.

Before 2012 the people come to Sundarban National Park only for 3Months (December to February). They promote Sundarban tours not only in India but also in many different countries of the World. In today tourists are coming throughout the year to witness the largest Mangrove forest on the earth.

In 2013, the month of August, Travel Chhuti Chhuti introduce Sundarban Hilsa Festival in Sundarban National Park. Today Sundarban Hilsa Festival is one the most preferred festival in West Bengal. They introduce the traditional Cultural events ‘Tusu Gaan‘ in Sundarban tour.

Travel Chhuti Chhuti runs an NGO in Sundarban National park to create awareness about the importance of Wild & Wildlife. Throughout the year in many ways, they help the kids who are unprivileged. 

For your next Sundarban trip you can choose Travel Chhuti Chhuti as your Sundarban tour operator.

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