The Himalayan foothills of the serene state of West Bengal are named Dooars.

The place its tea gardens, ethnicity, forests, culture, and undulating plains all frame-up together to make up an untouched landscape purely blessed with divine and every single aspect of nature.

Making it the most enjoyable and worthy tourists destination of North Bengal.

A Dooars tour package takes one on an everlasting journey through the rolling and sloppy hill ranges.

Its mesmerizing and charming pure green gardens of tea are clearly cut by the silvery mountain ranges, spread out Meadows. Ethnic traditional type villages, and the magnificent Himalayan ranges in its horizon and a lot more.

A Dooars trip transports one amid a place blessed by mother nature’s special wand.

Top 9 attraction of Dooars :

  • Jaldapara National Park –

The forest is majorly a Savannah region covered with tall elephant grasses.

The forest bordering the foothills of Bhutan is the main hub of the famous endangered One-horned Rhinos, Indian Gaur, Elephants, Sambars, Hog Deers, Spotted Deers, Leopards, and numerous species of birds.

Jaldapara is undoubtedly the most preferred destination for exploring wildlife once in Dooars.

  • Gorumara National Park –

Gorumara National Park is another blessing of nature worth exploring. Fabricated by thick lush forest and vast grasslands. Home to numerous rhinoceros along with offering shelter to over 50 species of mammals and birds.

Topped with branches of Teak, Sal, and bamboo groves. The national park offers a soothing venture to all its visitors.

  • Buxa Jayanti –

Located on the edge of the Buxa tiger reserve lies this small village Jayanti forming a border between the hills of West Bengal and Bhutan.

The tranquil environment surrounding this soothing river flourishes the experience of a relaxing getaway right in the lap of mother nature.

Situated quite close to the river is the Buxa tiger reserve, which interestingly serves as a major international corridor for the migrant elephants between India and Bhutan. All the same, the giant beast and ferocious Bengal tiger are also found in this habitat.

Having more than 300 species of trees the forest is the best carefree spot for the variety of birds and mammals found in the region. Buxa tiger reserve lets one witness animals living in their own nature completely unaffected by the regular bustles of the world outside.

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary –

Also regarded as the smallest sanctuary of India, this sanctuary is the actual bisected part of the Gorumara national park.

Divided by river murti, Chapramari is an ideal home and hotspot for several distinct wildlife and exotic birds.

Dooars package from Kolkata is often booked for this surreal place as the place is mostly regarded as a heaven on Earth for all the enthusiastic nature lovers of the city of joy. Elephants, guars, chital, barking deer, leopards are a few of the residents of this sanctuary area.

Murti River –

Popular for its mesmerizing beauty, the clear river flows between the Chapramari and Gorumara national park. Centered in the core woodlands of the forest area, the stream of this attractive river adds an enhanced taste to every Dooars tour ever booked.

Neora Valley National Park –

Situated in the Kalimpong locale of West Bengal. The valley area is till date has protected distinct biodiversity.

The place offers varied overlook on nature along with having numerous varieties of vegetation and wildlife in its premises. Covering nearly 10 gorgeous types of rhododendrons which were majorly discovered about 300years back.

The wild orchid structure of the park is worth staring at! Other endangered species like the black Asiatic bear and red panda is also found in the park.

Chilapata Forest –

gaining momentum along with the growth of recent tourist activities in the area, Chilpata forest is that untouched part of West Bengal which hasn’t seen much of the bustles of human activities much.

Rare species of Indian bison, wild pigs along 20 varieties of snakes are found in the core forest area.

Samsing –

This offbeat location of Dooars is situated at an altitude of 3000ft on the exact foothills of the eastern Himalayas. Praiseworthy owing to its characteristic features of being a pictorial beauty, the lush green tea gardens backed with the daunting hills offer an aura of peace and serenity to each of its visitors.

#Things to do in Dooars

Elephant Safari –

Both Jaldapara and Gorumara national park offers the facility of elephant safari to their visitors. Having their own dedicated time slots.

An adventurous elephant safari offers the typical jungle-like feels to every tourist along with offering them neck-to-neck thrilling feels amid their trip.

This elephant safari also takes them real close to the other wild animals of the forest giving them a perfect opportunity to explore through the dense lands of these national parks.

Jeep Safari –

A close alternative to elephant safari is the Jeep safari. In case, as a tourist you have a child or any other anxiety-related issue Jeep safari is the safest alternative to tour the core areas of the forest to get major insight views.

Gorumara national park offers the facilities of Jeep safari to each of its tourists. These safaris often land into a face-off with the wilds of the park giving every tourist the much-needed foresty adventure.

Wildlife Photography Tour –

Picturing the wildlife in Dooars requires a forest permit or a guide approved by the forest department of the region. The safaris usually start early in the morning which lasts up to the late evening hours.

Having exotic varieties of both endangered Flora and fauna Dooars is a paradise for budding enthusiastic and curious photographers.

Bathing in Murti River –

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of bathing in the crystal clear and smooth Murti river bisecting and crisscrossing two national parks is not to be missed! Bathing and playing with water while the wilds pass by you grant the exact wallops and excitement as needed for this trip.

Leopard Park Visit –

Located on the banks of river Torsa, this leopard park is an ideal location for spotting leopards and tigers. Usually, tours operating on battery cars take place here.

Visit Tea Factory & GardenĀ  –

Drops of hues shining on the tea leaves. No Dooars tourism package is ever complete without stopping over the tea factories. West Bengal is famous for exporting tea worldwide.

The various tea factories and gardens found in Dooars, offer endless education in regards to the work process of tea to its visitors fascinating them with untold stories to no end.

How to reach Dooars –

Way 1 :

Opting for a train from Kolkata’s Sealdah station towards New Jalpaiguri.

Way 2 : boarding a flight from Kolkata airport towards Bagdogra airport which is located nearest to Dooars. (83kms)

Way 3: Via roadways which will take around 14-15 hours roughly.

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