Tiger Hills in West Bengal stands high in tourist attractions. Recent research shows that every alternate person visiting Darjeeling walks the extra mile to visit the Tiger Hills early in the morning. The picturesque view of the young sun rising from below the horizon will certainly not let you miss a moment of the wonderful scenery.

Next time when you are planning a Darjeeling tourkeep a morning aside to check out this heavenly view. But beware, after watching this earthly view, you may have repeated desires in the future to visit and revisit The Tiger Hills.

How to reach Tiger Hills?

Tiger Hills is a popular tourist destination for people visiting Darjeeling. So, you must be curious about the best possible way to reach Tiger Hills early in the morning. Tiger Hills is situated at a distance of 11 kilometers from the heart of Darjeeling. You can pre-book a car or a taxi service to enjoy hassle-free travel to and from Tiger Hills. After you cross the Ghum station, take the narrow Senchal Road on the right, and you are there, standing on the top of the Tiger Hills. Most of the Darjeeling Tour Package includes a day trip to Tiger Hills. So, you need not worry about the medium of transport.

What to expect in the Tiger Hills?

If you are a nature freak and have wonderful fantasies about the rising sun, then no other place can be better than the Tiger Hills, a peak in the Himalayan range. 

The bright orange sun slowly raising its head from behind the hills is certainly going to catch your glimpse for an hour or so. The beautiful mountain ranges wrapped in the fresh light of the dawn will make you simple Wow. 

Besides, you get to fill your eyes with the lush green bushes on the side of the hills, an unknown bird chirping from the branches of the tree, and a squirrel jumping here and there on the Tiger Hills. This is simply a paradise for nature lovers.

Best Time of the year to see the sunrise from the Tiger Hills ~

The best time to see the sunset from behind the Tiger Hills mostly lies in the winter months of October to December. The peaks remain snow-covered and the soft rays of the rising sun fall over the snow, making them shine brightly. It will be once in a lifetime experience for you to stand at an unimaginable altitude with your dear ones and watch the sunrise amidst the chilly winter morning.



The autumn months of March and April are also a perfect time to visit The Tiger Hills. If you are not into nerve chilling cold temperatures, then try hitting the place in autumn. Try to book a  Darjeeling package during the monsoon months. There are times when due to heavy rain landslides occur and roads get blocked.

To see the beauty of the sunrise, start from your hotel in Darjeeling by 3:45 a.m. sharp, so that you can reach by 4:15 a.m. During winter, you can start half an hour later. But remember, the sun is not going to wait for you. So, better reach there before time to enjoy heavenly transition scenery.

Who should visit Tiger Hills?

People from all age groups find this place to be picturesque and beautiful. From a mere toddler to an old woman, everyone finds this place worth admiring. Even honeymoon goers find this place to be appropriate for a romantic start to the day. There is a  Darjeeling Honeymoon Package for couples, which includes a visit to the Tiger Hills. Moreover, people who are passionate about photography also hit this place from time to time. 

Conclusion ~

Once in your lifetime, you can ditch your early morning sleep for such a fantastic view from a height of 8482 feet. You will fall in love with the mountains and nature once more. In short, Tiger Hills, being the highest peak in the Himalayas, presents the beauty of hill station in a marvelous way. So, before jumping into any  Darjeeling package from Kolkatacheck whether the majestic Tiger Hills is included or not. 

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