Wrapping the Eastern Ladakh and Western Tibet by its swift flow, Pangong lake is the epitome of serenity. It acts as an eye-catcher to the tourists. The term “Pangong” in itself is so exquisite that no one would ever desire to miss out on a chance to experience its breathtaking grace. Your eyes, as well as your skin, will never be able to forget the visual and tactile satisfaction it received. Derived from the Tibetan term “Pangong Tso” meaning grassland lake, this particular lake has done justice to its height which ranges up to 4350m. This particular lake covers a few bits of China. Pangong lake is 5 hours away from Leh.

Pangong, the goddess of elegance.

You will not regret appreciating the exuberant aura of this particular place. Being the world’s biggest saltwater lake, the Pangong lake has successfully played a crucial role in blessing the eyes of several tourists. If you do not experience the natural beauty and the alluring charm of the Pangong lake, then you will surely go through a great loss in life which is not even worth compensation. One of the most remarkable and unique features of the Pangong lake includes changing colors with the course of time. It is characterized by blue, red, and green colored water.

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If in case, you plan to visit Ladakh for a family trip or office trip via the Leh Ladakh tour package or any other means, the beauty and craze of Pangong lake will welcome you and will eventually leave you speechless. There is no denial in this aspect. The wonderful scenarios of the place are beyond definitions and descriptions, it is to be perceived and analyzed from your internal pumping station.

It is surrounded by potent mountains that uphold its status to a great extent. The salinity of its water is certainly not an active participant in the reduction of its graceful appearance. In winter, it is often seen that lake Pangong ranges from -5°C to 10°C. If only I could paint the image of the blissful view with the paintbrush of my mind. It is worth a million dollars, trust me when I say this. Now, this is to inform you that there are quite a number of variations in the Leh Ladakh tour package cost that we provide. It is a lifetime opportunity. So grab it.

Important note: The weather there is predominantly cold. So, it will be effective to carry warm clothes instead of shallow ones. Summer is the best time to visit Pangong Tso. It will be a very pleasant experience in that case. You also have the liberty to visit it during the months of July, August, and September since the season of monsoon prevails then.

 Get lost among the wondrous scent of mighty mountains.

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The Pangong Tso lake tour package will excite you and will take you to another world of fun, thrill, and excitement. It is much more exciting to experience it in person, rather than auditory means. This package is the best in such aspects as well as in the market. Witness the godly views and calmness of Leh Ladakh and Pangong lake without investing much. So, hurry up, pack your bags, and book your packages at a very reasonable rate. We will present to you a new dimension and variation of life.

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