Bhutan tour 2019 - 8N/ 9D

Upcoming Date : 4th, 18th September   |   2st, 23th October                      Cost :- 17,500/-

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Bhutan tourism details

Bhutan, the place of versatility, is located on the eastern side of the Himalayas. Though it is a small country still it boasts a dozen landmarks and places to visit in Bhutan are filled with scenic beauty that attracts visitors who want to experience myriad natural scenery at a single arena. A place which is landlocked by the Tibet Autonomous Region of China in the north, the Sikkim State of India and the Chumbi valley of Tibet in the West, the Arunachal Pradesh state of India in the East and the states of Assam and West Bengal in the South. Though the second most less populous nation after the Maldives, Bhutan, the land of dragons, has an enormous amount of tourists inclined towards it.

Bhutan: An exalted place
Bhutan is blessed with a distinguished history that speaks of its noted names. Bhutan tourism will preach you how this place was called ‘The Valleys of the South’, ‘The Southern Mon Country of Four Approaches’, Lho Jong and more. Bhutan’s enriched history is found in its pre-Buddhist religion known as Bonism which was prevalent before the initiation of Buddhism and Bhutan tourism will demonstrate you all of it. Buddhism was introduced in the 7 th century and since then we have come across monasteries which have won our hearts and we’ll partake in it through the Bhutan tours and travels. Not only just the alluring monasteries but also the people, yes, Bhutan tourism is further consecrated because it is abolished of caste and class system and also slavery by their third king Jigme Dorji Wangchuck in the 1950s. Women are not underrated instead we will find gender equality there, which is a mark of the supremacy of mind.

Bhutan tourism is a much widely availed one because tourists want to get indulged in the lifestyle of the Bhutanese along with the Bhutan tours and travels. They are people who are very down to earth, they are people who believe in re-birth after demise, they are people who do not discriminate between the genders of the child because they believe they’re progenitors of the future. There is a lot more which Bhutan tourism will help people experience through the places to visit in Bhutan. Bhutan tourism will guide you through the tour and the Bhutan tour cost is also less. There you can put the ensemble of a ‘Gho’, which is a knee- length robe if you’re a man or a ‘Kira’ which is a knee-length dress paired up with an outer jacket. Partake in the diversity of Bhutan with Bhutan tourism where you’ll experience Tshechu, their famous festival, step into mask dances, eat pork dumplings while sipping ‘Ara’ their traditional rice wine. Bhutan tourism will make you rejuvenated for here you’ll find forests which has covered 70% of Bhutan. The mark of biodiversity can be witnessed by the scenes of conifer, blue pine, fir and chirping forests. Bhutan tourism will make your eyes go soothed by the very sights of orchids, magnolias, juniper, Daphne, giant rhubarb and more. The mighty snow leopard, Bengal tigers are eye candies to every person availing the Bhutan tours and travels from the Bhutan tourism office in Kolkata. They will be found at a height of 3000-4000 metres, further, you would notice langurs, gorals, and red panda hanging from the branches after you visit Bhutan. What a sight will it be and we would eventually term it as one of the best Bhutan tours and also the places to visit in Bhutan!

After attending to so much of Bhutan tourism our hearts are delighted and our minds are contemplating on nothing but how to visit Bhutan. Here we’re presenting a detailed package of the dynamic Bhutan tour of nine whole days that is solely arranged by us, the Bhutan tourism office in Kolkata.

Bhutan travel Date 2019 -

September, 2019 : 4 - 12, 18 - 26  |   October, 2019 : 2 - 10, 23 - 31  |   November, 2019 : 6 - 14, 20 - 28  |   December, 2019 : 4 - 12  |   January, 2020 : 8 - 16, 22 - 30   |   February, 2020 : 5 - 13, 19 - 27  |   March, 11 - 19, 25 - 2  |   April, 2020 : 8 - 16, 22 - 30  |   May, 2020 : 13 - 21, 20 - 28

Bhutan tour packages from kolkata Covers
Phuentsholing, Jaigaon, Khorbandi Gumpha, Wonkha Waterfalls, Chojun, Thimpu, Buddhist Temple, Chong Gangkha Monastery, Archery Ground, Handicrafts Emporium, Folk Heritage Museum-Textile Museum, Motithang Takin Preserve, Punakha, Dochula View Point, Chimi Lhakhang, Punakha Dzong, Taktsang Monestary (Tiger's Nest), Chella Pass- The Haa Valley.
Bhutan holiday packages Includes
  • Sealdah to Hasimara & Hasimara to Sealdah 2nd Class Sleeper Train Fare.
  • Side Seen By Non AC Car.
  • Non Ac Hotel. (Minimum Twin Sharing)
  • All Meals as per package schedule.
Bhutan tour package from kolkata Excludes
  • Train Meals.
  • Personal expenditure.
  • Coolie Charge.
  • Still or Video Camera Charges.
  • Entry fees.
Bhutan tour operators activities
Hiking in Tiger Nest

Tiger's Nest Hiking

Rafting in Bhtan

River Rafting

Bhutan Heritage Walk

Heritage Walk

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Bhutan trip Details
Day 1

{ Sealdah Sealdah Station }

After a lot of reading about the Bhutan tour, we must now start with the planning of how to visit Bhutan that is the Bhutan tour itself, things to do in Bhutan and the Bhutan tour cost too. Our excitement to visit Bhutanis reaching the saturation point regarding the Bhutan tour whenever the thought of taking a selfie at the top of the mountains is occurring to us and we think yours is too. So let us gear up for the Bhutan tour because will be a lifetime accomplishment for many of us.

The journey of Bhutan tour will inaugurate from Sealdah station in Kolkata with hopefully the best Bhutan tour operators. People who have been jumping out of joy for their Bhutan tour need to pack their bags with some really amazing outfits because who wants to miss the opportunity to strike a pose on the serene scenic beauty during their Bhutan tour? Of course nobody! Tourists would be picked up by us for their Bhutan tour and we would board the train till Hasimara which we would reach the following day.

Day 2

{ Hasimara, Jaigaon, Phuntsoling }

Scratching your head by what the name means? Chill! Bhutan travel has you answered everything related to how to visit Bhutan and its inside. Our Bhutan travel packages have a surprise on the very second day and that is – we would be stepping in Hasimara. From thence we the Bhutan travel would advance towards Jaigaon, and check in at the hotel and perform the formalities needed. Just after we’re done with the formalities the Bhutan travel packages would direct towards the tour to see two to three attractions in Phuentsoling like the Bhutan Gate, Zangtopelri, Karbandi monastery or the Crocodile Zoo. The Bhutan travel packages incorporate certain fantastic elements like the tour to Phuentsoling here. Eventually, we return to Jaigaon and sleep tightly at our hotel dreaming about the upcoming days of the Bhutan travel.

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Day 3

{ Chhukha Dam, Khorbandi Gumpha, Wonkha Waterfalls }

Ultimately, it’s the time to visit the kingdom’s capital city through our Bhutan packages which are inhabited by approximately 1, 00,000 royal families and one of the main things to do in Bhutan. It is the very abutment of antiquity and modernism at the same time. The Bhutan holiday packages are filled with a thrill, for now, we would head towards Thimpu driving over the enigmatic town Gedu which is at an escalated level of 9000 ft above the sea and Chukha Dam.

The first blessed thing about the Bhutan holiday packages is Kharbandi Gompa, a relic monastery located in the patio of tropical plants founded by the Royal Grandmother, AshiPhuntshoChoedron. Then heading towards Wonka waterfalls we would address a mighty one along with its grandeur. Lastly, the Bhutan holiday packages will blow our mind by making us witness the confluence of rivers Thimpu Chu and Paro Chu and make our way for some unreal pictures at Choju. Lunch will be served on the way and that night will be at Thimpu.

Day 4

{ Buddhist Temple, Chong Gangkha Monastery, Archery Ground, Handicrafts Emporium, Folk Heritage Museum-Textile Museum, Motithang Takin Preserve }

Happiness will again germinate in the Bhutan tour package from Kolkata from the antique Buddhist temple Chong Gankha monastery after we are done with our breakfast. Gradually, the next stop in the Bhutan trip would be at the archery ground and thence the ultimate shopping session will initiate in the Bhutan tour package from Kolkata. The handicrafts emporium, folk heritage museum, thetextile museum – all these will be visited in the Bhutan tour package from Kolkata.

Another sensational thing in the Bhutan trip will be getting down at MotithangTakin preserve which has Bhutan’s national animal that is Takin. Takin is a goat-antelope and is also called cattle chamois or gnu goat. Eventually, this fourth day of the Bhutan trip would end in the hotel at Thimpu as it was noted in our Bhutan packages.

Day 5


After we’re done with the breakfast the Bhutan tour operators will direct us towards Punakha and on the way, we would visit the snow-capped Dochula point where we would be in a trance after viewing the Himalayas. The Bhutan tour operators will further guide us to the famous Fertility temple, namely, ChimiLhakhang where we will see the beautified monastery placed on a round hill which is among the main things to do in Bhutan. This monastery founded by the ‘Divine Madman’ has it for every person wanting to conceive, this monastery will listen and bless them. Lastly, for that day, the Bhutan tour operators will take us to PunakhaDzong which is the second oldest and second largest dzong in Bhutan. That night we would halt at Punakha itself.

Day 6

{ Taktsang Monestary (Tiger's Nest) }

Paro is one of the far-reaching valleys in the Bhutan kingdom which we’ll witness on our Bhutan trip. It is a picturesque region for here we will find the confluence of the rivers ParoChhu and Wang Chhu at Chuzom up to Mt. Jomolhari. After consuming breakfast our Bhutan travel agency will begin their journey towards Paro to visit Bhutan at its Western part.

Here in Paro after having lunch as it is in our Bhutan packages, the Bhutan travel agency will introduce us to one of the most iconic landmarks in our Bhutan trip that is the Taktsang monastery or the Tiger’s Nest. The oneness of this monastery has its foundation over just a sheer cliff face on the Paro valley, above forests of oak and rhododendrons. It is a quintessence of the Buddhist monasteries and the memorable Bhutan tourist places, and the view can easily be termed as the epitome of grandeur. The Bhutan travel agency will arrange of the night stay at Paro itself which is a part of our Bhutan trip.

Day 7

{ Chella Pass - The Haa Valley }

By its very name we can pronounce happiness and thus it aptly justifies it. The seventh day of the Bhutan tour itinerary it is, and our journey of Bhutan holidays has almost come to an end by now. But they say it always ends on a blissful note. If you are wondering about some serene and isolated place in our Bhutan tour itinerary which is deprived of happening vibes then you are on the right track because where the Bhutan holidays will turn now will definitely excite you.

After the night at Paro, the next day in our Bhutan tour itinerary, after we are done with our breakfast we will be getting ready for an amazing one among the Bhutan tourist places namely Chelela Pass – the Haa valley. Haa is one of the smallest dzongkhag in the country covering an area of approximately 1706 sq km. This place imprints upon itself the very archetype of a laid-back and placid ambient. It is time to get lost in those amicable mountains and immaculate alpine forests. The Bhutan holidays will gift us with the CheleLa Pass which is the highest motorable pass in Bhutan drive through larch forests and dense spruce and one of the best things to do in Bhutan. One will come across either frozen rivers, or waterfall, rhododendron forests or gaily grazing yaks all depending on the outing of the weather. While driving in a clear sunny day we will get a souvenir of seeing the Mt. Jumolhari, Jichu Drake and the adjoining North West peaks and these are one of those best Bhutan tourist places thus indicating one of the best Bhutan tours possible.

After we are back to Paro valley with hopefully the best Bhutan tour operators, we will again have to be really super active for it is shopping time at Paro valley that evening and unfortunately the last happening day in our Bhutan tour itinerary and the Bhutan trip from Kolkata is ending soon.

Day 8


A very sad morning indeed but nevertheless it must also be marked that it is one of the bestBhutan tours one has accomplished. Today is the second last day and we have to get ready and pack to get back to Hasimara from where we marked the inception of this journey. Our Bhutan trip from Kolkata will be getting over because we are going back there. That night we will board towards Hasimara to catch the train back to Kolkata.

Day 9


Now probably our Bhutan trip from Kolkata hopefully along with the best Bhutan tour operators is at the verge of its finish point.The station is Sealdah and people can book a cab or avail public transport and walk towards their individual desires.

The Bhutan tour cost is kept at its minimal and affording it will not be heavy on your pockets so we are waiting for you all to join us for a breath-taking trip and expectantly we’ll be called as the best Bhutan tour operators. Ours is one of the sole Bhutan tourism offices inKolkata. .

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