Arunachal pradesh tour package

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arunachal pradesh tour package

Arunachal pradesh tour operators in kolkata

Arunachal Pradesh – one of the seven sisters of the peaceful and beautiful north-east India, is considered to be the eastern most state of the Indian subcontinent alluring every tourist by its charming beauty, Arunachal Pradesh Tour Package is and should be a must check or to do list in every explorers travel list. Arunachal Pradesh tourism until a few years back was secluded by majority of the travel buffs across the country's boundaries, but thanks to the Government's tremendous efforts to promote and push Arunachal Pradesh tourism, which has now reached new heights welcoming tourists from all corners of the world to it's door step. Arunachal Pradesh tour operators in Kolkata every year plan and frame situation suitable Arunachal packages accordingly.

Arunachal Pradesh blessed with God gifted major natural beauty with the evergreen eastern Himalayas covering primary parts of the region. It's Manas national park being the cherry on the top of the most delicious cake. From the mountains to the valleys, from monasteries to orchids, from Kamakhya Devi mandir to Manas Tiger Reserve, the state has the utmost pride as being considered - one of the top three greenest states of the country.

By default and because majority of the commercial airlines do not fly directly to Arunachal Pradesh owing to non-feasibility, one can simply fly to the nearest airport situated in the state of Assam and then hire a rental car or taxi to head towards the beautiful land and mark their attendance in the Arunachal Pradesh tourism record. But if you book your Arunachal Pradesh tour package with us, you can simply sit back and relax as we will do all that is needful, being the city's one of the most trusted north east tour package operators we have gained enough knowledge to plan and be amongst the finest Arunachal Pradesh tour operators in Kolkata.

Furthermore to enter the pleasing and splendid arena of Arunachal Pradesh, an Inner Line permit or allowence is also required for Indian nationals and PAP(Protected Area permit) for the foreign travellers. These permits can be easily applied for and further be obtained online, but yet again if you simply book your Arunachal Pradesh tour package with us we will abandon you from the trouble of doing any formalities by yourself. Head over to our Arunachal Pradesh tourism office in Kolkata to book best of the best north east tour packages including- Tawang tour package, Guwahati tour, We also organise and plan for Arunachal package tour directly from Guwahati and our Guwahati tourism package is one of the best of it's kind offering tourists and travellers every single delight which they would want to receive amid their exploring days. Lastly we sell our Arunachal pradesh tour package and all other tour packages at a much affordable and friendly rate.

Arunachal pradesh tourism tour date 2020/ 2021~

May, 2020 : 22 - 01   |   September, 2020 : 24 - 04   |   October, 2020 : 8 - 18, 21 - 31   |   November, 2020 : 19 - 29   |   December, 2020 : 3 - 13, 24 - 03   |   January, 2021 : 22 - 01   |   February, 2021 : 18 - 01   |   March, 2021 : 11 - 21   |   April, 2021 : 22 - 02   |   May, 2021 : 22 - 01

Arunachal tour package Covers ~
Kamakhya Devi Mandir, Umananda Temple, Basistha Muni Ashram, Kameng river, Tipi orchidium, Bomdila, Bomdila Monastery, Lompa Gompa, Tawang, Sela pass, chimilakhanng monastery, Madhuri Lake, Bumla pass (Indo-china border), Dirang monastery (upper and lower), Nuranang, Manas National Park, Guwahati.
Guwahati tour packages Includes
  • Sealdah to Hasimara & Hasimara to Sealdah 2nd Class Sleeper Train Fare.
  • Side Seen By Non AC Car.
  • Non Ac Hotel. (Minimum Twin Sharing)
  • Breakfast, Dinner.
Arunachal pradesh package tour from guwahati Excludes
  • Train Meals.
  • All Lunch.
  • Personal expenditure.
  • Coolie Charge.
  • Still or Video Camera Charges.
  • Entry fees.
Arunachal tour package activities
manas sanctuary

Manas Jeep Safari

guwahati tour packages river rafting

River Rafting

guwahati tourism packages from kolkata


arunachal pradesh tour


Arunachal tour package itinerary ~

Day 1

} Departure From Howrah Station ~

1st Day Your Journey Will Commence from Howrah Station, Kolkata by boarding 12345 Saraighat Express (if available) or any other suitable train towards Guwahati around 4pm, all guests are requested to be present on the said spot before time so as to avoid any last minute chaos, our tour guide will be present on the spot much before time and will guide you accordingly there after. Hence we hope and do our best so that your Arunachal Pradesh tour package begins on a good note. .

Day 2

} Drop Down At Guwahati ~
Kamakhya Devi Mandir, Umananda Temple, Basistha Muni Ashram, Assam State Museum.

2nd day or the 1st actual tour day will begin by getting down at station from were our guide will direct you towards our registered and booked hotel for freshing up and breakfast after which all guests will straight away head towards well known temples of the state like- Kamakhya Devi Mandir no north eastern tour is complete without Kamakhya devi temple tour, right on top of the ever charming Nilachal hills in Guwahati, Assam, one can discover the oldest shakti peeths, the ancient Kamakhya temple dedicated to tantric goddesses, considered one amongst the 108 Shakti peeths present in the country. Every single year and season the temple welcomes tourists from all over the country, offering prayers to the holy goddess.

Next the guests will be taken to another holy spot - Umananda Temple located on the peacock island situated on the mighty and pure Brahmaputra river, fresh windy waves of the destination will demolish every single sweat and tiredness of the journey as one will step towards offering their prayers in the temple the small yet the most beautiful peacock island offers magnificent sightseeing and photography opportunities to it's visitors the Divine surrounding of the temple is a treat to the eyes of every nature lover.

Following which our guide will take you to the Basistha Muni Ashram and Assam State Museum (if time permits) . Basistha Muni Ashram situated near Garbhanga forest will offer you pleasant sightseeing opportunity amid the journey next the ashram is a home to a shimmering and beautiful waterfall and a cave located around 5kms inside the ashram as it shows three distinct temples dedicated to three different god's next if time permits guests will be taken to Assam State Museum, we will try our level best to make this Arunachal Pradesh tour package the most premium one for our guests.

Lastly dinner will be provided at the end of the day and night stay at the same hotel.

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Day 3

} Head towards Bhalukpong ~
Kameng river ( Jia Bhoreli ), Sessa Orchid Sanctuary, Tipi Orchidium.

Right after the early morning tea and breakfast provided in the said hotel we will complete the check-out formalities and leave from the hotel to head towards Bhalukpong hence another chapter of your Arunachal Pradesh Tour Package will commence thereafter, where our guests will get various sightseeing opportunities to check out the alluring place surrounded by natural beauty on all the 4 corners after which we will check-in at our registered and booked hotel were lunch will be provided.

The next destination would be the charming Kameng river where the guests will be permitted to practice their own outdoor activities- take pictures, play games and such things after which we will move to the well-known sessa orchid sanctuary one of the protected Indian areas situated in the Himalayan foothills. Arunachal Pradesh known for its rich wildlife makes this place a must visit, a hot biodiversity spot is, the area is home to variety of orchids of different colors and sizes along with various endangered species, next heading towards Tipi orchidium, a place which offers beautiful gallery shows and orchid glass house with a central pond granting all it's tourists major photography opportunity.

Next taking due care as the one of the most eligible Arunachal Pradesh Tour Operators in Kolkata we will safely transport our guests towards the hotel where dinner will be provided and night stay in the same hotel.

Day 4

} Head Towards Bomdila ~
Bomdila Monastery, Lompa Gompa Monastery

After the early tea and breakfast provided at the same said hotel we along with our guests will check out from the hotel to start towards Bomdila where the guests will get the opportunity to check out the popular Bomdila Monastery, marking the beginning of another chapter in your Arunachal Pradesh Package.

Bomdila Monastery a heavenly tourist attraction amidst the natural beauty of the state where a Buddha temple is built within the monastery premises offering our guests to learn about different divine cultures of the world. The monastery is believed to be a replica of a same what south Tibetan Monastery.

Next if time permits, guests will be taken to Lompa Gompa Bomdila as well, another monastery famed for its marvellous Tibetan architecture where guests can spin those big wheels and offer prayers, after which they will be taken back to the same hotel where dinner will be provided and night stay will be permitted.

Day 5

} Next Destination Tawang ~
Sela Pass, Tawang Market.

After the early morning tea and breakfast from the same hotel we along with our guests will check out from the hotel to start towards another charming destination of Tawang.

We are delighted to be known for organizing the best Tawang tour package and we hope to bring a smile on our guests face by making their Tawang tour a remarkable one. Beginning with the Journey while traveling towards the place our guests will get to witness and enjoy a wonderful ride amid the Sela pass, a huge altitude mountain pass covered with pure natural beauty a feast to the eye of the viewer offering awesome appealing views to it's onlookers. After reaching the said spot we will check-in to our booked hotel after which our guests may opt to do their own activities like marketing or shopping from the local shops all around the place.

Dinner will be provided at the same hotel and night stay in Tawang.

Day 6

} Touring Tawang, Tawang Tour Package ~
Gaden Namgyal Lhatse ( Tawang Monastery ), Tawang War Memorial

After the early morning tea and breakfast we will head towards Tawang monastery an important chapter of any northeast tour package or Arunachal tour package, the largest Buddhist monastery in India and second largest in the world situated at the top of an high altitude 10,000 mountain the place offers brilliant and magnificent views to it's travellers making them wanting to return to the place again and again. The view of scenic snow capped mountains looks no less than a live wallpaper making the onlookers pinch their parts to fully experience the reality.

Next we will head towards Tawang war memorial a stupa built to honor the martyr soldier who lost their lives back in Indo-china war of 1962 is a place full of gratitude filled with colorful flags, prayer wheels, dragons and other such cultural elements.

Dinner will be provided and night stay at the same place.

Day 7

} Exploring more of a Tawang ~
Penga Teng Tso Lake, Sangestar Lake (Madhuri Lake), Bumla pass (Indo-china border).

After the early morning tea and breakfast from the same hotel, guests will head towards Madhuri Lake, one of the most popular lakes of Tawang, lake is completely surrounded by lush dense green valley and snowcapped mountains making it perfect destination for rediscovering one's peace of mind.

Next destination for the same day will be the Bumla pass (Indo-china border) a destination that touches every tourists heart forever no Arunachal Pradesh tour package is fully complete without this place being in the list as one gets the proper once in a lifetime opportunity to touch the clouds through the en route road.

Dinner will be provided in the hotel and night stay at the same Tawang hotel will be permitted.

Day 8

} Heading Towards Dirang ~
Dirang monastery (upper and lower), Nuranang Falls (Jang Falls), Hot Spring.

After the early morning tea and breakfast. Our guests along with our tour guide will be taken for exploring Dirang after checking in the hotel and lunch sightseeing around and in Dirang monastery will commence (upper and lower) the bright red - yellow Monastery offers tragically climbing experience to it's visitors monks in their maroon attire will give you a sneak peek into their otherwise Different culture.

Next we will head towards Nuranang situated at a magnificent of some 100 meters is a spectacular beauty spot of the country, offering photo buffs tremendous opportunity to capture the amazing beauty. Dinner and night stay at the same hotel

Day 9

} Exploring Manas National Park ~

Can any Arunachal Pradesh Tour Package or Arunachal Tour Package be framed without keeping the utmost important national parks in mind? as we take the pride of being one of the best Arunachal Pradesh tour operators in Kolkata we have accordingly dedicated one full day for exploring the beauty of these national parks! Manas national park considered a world heritage site is a home to a range of unique wildlife offering you myriad of activities to further praise the diversity of the region, our guests may enjoy the sightseeing taking full on advantage of time. Night stay and food will be arranged in the said hotel.

Day 10

} Stop Over At Guwahati Airport Or Railway Station ~

After the early morning tea and breakfast our guests will head towards the airport or railway station accordingly. Marking the closing chapter of their Arunachal Pradesh tour package in and amid Guwahati tour package in Assam as we stop over in the state to board and head back to Kolkata. Guwahati tourism package as are also in demand after Government's constant promotion efforts.

Day 11

} Drop down at Sealdah ~

Next morning train will stop over at Kolkata's sealdah railway station marking the ultimate end of your Arunachal Pradesh Tour Package we hope you enjoyed your Arunachal Pradesh tourism trip with us and that we were able to live up to your expectations. We look forward to serving you again whenever required we also hope and wish that you will recommend and suggest us as the well to do Arunachal Pradesh tour operators in Kolkata.

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